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Our main activities are:

Transportation and organization of complete consignments of all kinds using our own or hired vehicles; transportation of partial or consolidated consignments and ADR consignments; storage and handling of goods.

We follow modern logistics guidelines:

We retrofit our vehicles and update equipment in vehicles and offices; on behalf of our contractual partner, we purchase vehicles adapted to the partner’s needs; we advertise our customers’ services on our vehicles by prior agreement.

We have plans and a vision:

We strive to offer our domestic and foreign customers the best solutions to improve their logistics processes and thereby enhance the efficiency of their business operations; we build long-term partnerships and seek new business opportunities that will contribute to increasing the added value of the company; we make every possible effort to ensure that ordered services are carried out quickly and reliably.

The advantages of a small business:

It is easier for us to ensure timely and reliable delivery of ordered services and track our vehicles during their door to door journeys. We keep our customers informed about the progress of their shipments and any unexpected events. It is also easier for us to adapt to current situations in the market. We are aware that the quality and the timeliness of delivery affect the entire supply chain. We are flexible and we always keep track of daily happenings, thus any of our employees can help a customer in a critical situation.

With just one phone call we will provide you with all the details of the situation. We act quickly and efficiently.

Our employees are qualified and reliable:

We educate and train our employees and keep them informed about any innovations and developments in the relevant areas of work. We speak several European languages. Our drivers have undergone Professional Driving Academy training and obtained national vocational qualification certificates. Together with transportation schedulers working in the office, they are a responsive and reliable team that ensures safe and timely delivery of your goods; furthermore, they have a good direct relationship with personnel working in loading and unloading docks, which is important in this area of work.

We keep your goods safe on the road:

Your goods will be covered under carrier’s liability insurance (up to 200,000 € - depending on the needs of our customers).

» Our liability insurance covers liabilities arising from our business activities. «

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